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Beware Mennonite Investors — MMA Praxis Mutual Funds invest in evil: Fox News, payday lenders, private prisons, and more

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I currently have a very small amount of investments with the MMA Praxis mutual funds, but I don’t think I will for much longer.

For my non-Mennonite readers, I should say that MMA is rooted in the mutual aid tradition, the idea that members of the faith community should take care of each other. But like a lot of good ideas, it got institutionalized and then its values got diluted.

MMA today offers a bunch of different products – insurance, investments, credit union, etc. And the profits of MMA fund lots of good stuff. But I’ve found out some things that have made me question the whole company, in particular the investing strategy of the Praxis funds.

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Written by James M. Branum

September 26, 2009 at 4:25 am